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We are building a network of affiliated dentists offering teeth devices online without a dental office visit. Please enter the State in which you reside in the Search bar below to be forwarded to our City Location nearest you on our primary website iHomeDental

Our Teeth Devices

To change the world with your smile, enjoy our custom made partial dentures, flippers, Teeth Braces, clear aligners, wire retainers, invisible retainers, night guards, teeth straightening etc. These will help you to retain your smile and will be available at your doorstep with half the price.

Clear Aligners

Gone are those days when you have to visit the dental office for alignment. Now enjoy the gentle and constant force of our Clear Aligners for moving your teeth in the required position. That too from the comfort of your home.
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Wire Retainers

When it comes to Wire Retainers, there is no match to Hawley Retainer. This is what we specialize in. We offered you a lot of variety with the color of your choice. Our Hawley Retainers are of supreme quality that can easily last for 3-4 years.

Invisible Retainers

Looking for Invisible Retainers with state-of-the-art material. No worries. We have one of the best teeth invisible retainers. These retainers are capable enough to retain your teeth in exact positions. Moreover, they can easily last up to 2 years.

Night Guards

Bruxism is a common problem that affects a lot of the population worldwide. If you are one among them, we will help you to prevent your teeth from the damage. The night guards that we offer are special and different for grinders and clinchers.


When it comes to choosing the perfect Partial dentures, the brand matters a lot. We are one of the best in partial dentures. Our Partial Dentures are virtually unbreakable. Moreover, you can eat your food easily, while having these in your mouth.


Missing teeth makes you lose your smile. To retain your smile, we have brought to you our less expensive flippers. These flippers come with metal clasping and last longer.

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Receive Your Custom Teeth Device

When we receive your teeth impressions we will send them to the lab to have the device made.

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About iTeethDevices

At iTeethDevices, we offer the teeth devices listed below direct to the public without having to visit a dental office. However, we do feel that our customers should have a dental office available to them should they need to visit one during the order fulfillment process. This is why we are working at partnering with dentists across the USA. If we do not have a dentist in your city currently, we will be happy to find one for you should you need to visit one.

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Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Devices from home. From Your Teeth Impressions we manufacture custom Teeth Devices found at Dental Offices!