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Flexible Partial Denture

Is your smile suffering because of missing teeth? Missing teeth cause many problems. Speech issues can be embarrassing and reduce self-confidence. Eating may become more difficult. Your self-esteem may take a hit as well simply because you know people see the gap in your smile. Thankfully, it is now possible to have a beautiful smile again with our flexible partial dentures . Shop for your new smile now!

When considering dentures, people find the flexible partial denture to be the most comfortable option. We offer custom-made partial dentures to help patients like you restore what you have lost. Isn’t it time to take control of your smile? Contact us for top quality partial denture today! Our Flexible Partial Dentures Cost is reasonable.

Partial dentures feature multiple teeth that are mounted across a gum-colored base. These false teeth may not be consecutively placed, but rather spread across the base to fit like a puzzle piece between existing teeth. Partial dentures are secured with clips or brackets and can be taken out for cleaning. Our teeth devices are custom-made by the same labs used by dentists.

The results of the flexible partial dentures are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is very high. Partial denture gives you confidence while talking, eating and most importantly, smiling. Order flexible partial denture now! Want to know our Flexible Partial Dentures Cost? Our Flexible Partial Dentures are the same high quality products that are made by laboratories that dentist use, for close to half the cost. Contact us today!

Key Points About Our Flexible Partial Denture

• Our teeth impression kit is included in the price and your teeth impressions are what you will send to us to have your teeth device made.
• You must have at least 10 existing teeth on your upper arch and at least 10 existing teeth on your lower arch.
• Different shades are available.
• You can eat with it in your mouth.

Taking DIY Teeth Impression at Home

We provide step-by-step, easy to follow guidelines and directions that will guide you through at every step of the process. Place your order online with the desired teeth device from the comfort of your own home. When you order our Flexible Partial Denture online you will receive a teeth impression kit within 2-3 days. Please read all of the guidelines we sent along with your kit prior to taking your teeth impression.

The Flexible Partial Denture can be worn 24 hours a day and can be worn while you are eating. To insert or remove partial dentures, use both hands and push on or pull off evenly with your thumb and index finger. It may take several days for your tongue to get used to device.

Caring for Your New Partial Denture

To enhance the life of your dentures and maintain your oral health, proper denture hygiene is important. Dentures resist stains, but they do not resist plaque, which can accumulate on false teeth as easily as natural ones. Therefore, you should clean your flexible dentures daily. To clean your denture simply brush it softly with toothpaste and water after each use. When you remove your dentures at night, be sure to let them soak in water or a denture soaking solution.

Thinking about Flexible Partial Dentures Cost? We are offering quality partial dentures at discounted prices. Contact us to learn more about denture options. We are delighted to offer restorative care to patients. Start your smile journey with us today!

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Receive Your Custom Teeth Device

When we receive your teeth impressions we will send them to the lab to have the device made.

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