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Hawley Wire Retainer

After an orthodontist straightens your teeth, it is essential to use a retainer to maintain the changes that have been made. Teeth that have been moved with dental braces or aligners are likely to shift back to their original position. Our custom-made Hawley Wire Retainer prevents this from happening by holding the teeth in position for a certain number of hours each day. And remember, retention is a lifetime process.

Hawley Wire Retainer (also known as Wire Retainers) is the most durable retainer because it is made of hard acrylic and stainless steel wire. Our Hawley wire retainers are special retainers designed to stabilize and maintain the present position of your teeth. In order for the retainer to serve its purpose effectively, it has to be custom-made to fit the patient’s unique, properly aligned bite. Adequately designed Hawley Retainer Online is popular due to its:

• Adjustability, making them ideal even for patients who have not achieved perfect results after wearing braces. Hawley wire retainers can be adjusted to further improve teeth alignment.
• High durability, particularly when compared to some other types of retainers.
• The versatility of design, enabling patients to choose the color of the wire retainer they love the most.

We offer everything you need to get your desired smile. All available to you for half the price of the dentists office and from the comfort of your own home. Choose top quality Hawley Retainer Online with us!

Hawley Wire Retainer After Braces :

• Retains the teeth in their present position and that’s why it is also in demand after removing braces.
• A teeth impression kit is included in the price and your teeth impressions are what you will send to us to have your custom device made.
• Made of superior quality acrylic.
• Customize your wire retainer with the color of your choice.

We ensure that our Hawley Wire Retainers online provide all the above-listed benefits, as well as deliver the utmost comfort for the wearer. This specific type of retainer is used in post-treatment. Since the patient is required to wear this teeth device for a prolonged period, it is our job to design Hawley wire retainer that will fit the mouth perfectly and reduce discomfort.
Don’t eat while wearing a wire retainer. It can be difficult to eat while wearing a removable wire retainer and it can also damage the device. Food can get trapped around a Hawley retainer wire or underneath the palate, causing bad breath. When worn on the upper and lower arches simultaneously, wire retainers do not allow the teeth to meet. This means that chewing is almost impossible. Order Upper and Lower Hawley Retainer online today!

How to Clean Your Hawley Wire Retainer?

After getting your teeth straightened, you would never want them to decay as a result of being uncleansed. Retainers work effectively for a long duration when you clean and maintain them regularly. An uncleansed wire retainer may gather bacteria and plaque, which would affect your teeth and may cause oral problems.
To expand the life of your custom Hawley wire retainer simply brush it with toothpaste and water after each use. Do not use hot water because the acrylic can warp.
We offer 100% results satisfaction guarantee. We will also send you instructions for taking your impressions once your kit ships. If you need help taking your teeth impressions feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to help! Wear your upper and Lower Hawley Retainer as directed.

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